wild lavender vegan bath salts soak in glass bottle
wild lavender vegan bath salts soak in glass bottle gift set with body brush
Bath Salts - Assorted Scents

Bath Salts - Assorted Scents

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Rest and restore your mind, body and complexion with these aromatic, mood enhancing, mineral rich vegan bath soaks by Clay & Rose. 

Each soak soothes aching muscles, while the 100% pure essential oils create a calming ambiance, helping to uplift the mind and body and unwind to encourage a restful nights sleep.

Each of the bath soaks are carefully poured into glass bottles, committing to a sustainability goal (recycle/reuse as a vase or container) by Clay & Rose which FËRNN are completely committed to also. Remove the lid and enjoy some self-care! 

Gifts well with our favourite candle and natural sea sponge.

Wild Lavender / perfect for a good, calming relax 

Eucalyptus / a great wellbeing soak, uplifting and cleansing