FËRNN Gifting Co is Carbon Neutral

We’re very proud to say that FËRNN Gifting Co is an entirely carbon neutral business through our partnership with Ecologi. 

Ecologi are a wonderful company from Bristol (like us!), that helps businesses to consciously and correctly carry out work, knowing that their carbon footprint is being offset.

On our behalf, they plant trees worldwide from forests in Mozambique to Madagascar. Our funding directly impacts atmospheric CO2 levels. We’re currently supporting wind energy generation in Taiwan and forest protection in Northern Zimbabwe to do our part to help fight our climate crisis.

Partnering with an organisation who knows climate change is preventable and works to help individuals and businesses to do their part resonates with our own environmental view, and that’s why we’re proud to work together to save our collective home.

Why is planting trees so important?

It’s important knowledge that to tackle climate change is to keep our temperatures from rising about 1.5C. Planting trees is one of the best tools to keep these temperatures low and prevent ecological collapse.

Ecologi partner with The Eden Reforestation Project to plant millions of trees around the world every month due to the incredible funding from businesses like us. Not only this, our money is invested into projects that remove more greenhouses gasses than our own carbon footprint puts in.

Read more about Ecologi, see how many trees we've planted.