Five Ways to Upcycle Your Wooden Keepsake Gift Boxes

FËRNN guides sustainability wooden keepsake gift boxes

All of our curated gift boxes come in a wooden keepsake gift box that’s made to last. But if you’re stuck on what to do with it after the goodies have been unpacked, here are our top five ways to repurpose it.
Use it for storage
Your wooden box is made from durable, not to mention sustainable, materials, equipped with a secure slide on lid. This makes it perfect for storing your bits and bobs in. Here are some of the items you've told us what you've been storing in your gift boxes:
- your tea collection
- your hair bands and accessories
- all those random wires and chargers
- your ever growing nail polish collection
- your gardening bits and bobs
- your skincare items
There are hundreds of things that’ll find a new, cosy home in your gift box.
wooden gift box items stored in tea electricals nail polish
Grow your own terrarium
Calling all plant parents! Your box is the perfect depth for small succulents and cacti to thrive in. Grab your plants, some lining material and staples, some soil, sand or stones and get planting and growing. You could even design a miniature Japanese zen garden. Please do share and tag us on Instagram @fernngiftingco with your creations!
cacti wooden box terranium
Create a memory box
With the wooden gift boxes arriving in their natural state, it gives you or your loved one a nifty canvas for creativity. This is a perfect way of upcycling all those leftover pots of paint, ribbons and coloured paper that’s been sitting in a drawer for the last five years untouched… Once you’ve painted your design (and it’s dried), use your memory box to keep all your special mementos safe in for years to come. 
Make a statement shelf
You might be thinking “ermm what?”, but hear us out on this one. Flip the box on its side and you’ve got yourself a modern and unique shelf! If you’re a master at DIY (or feeling up to the challenge), you can even cut the lid in half and add additional shelves inside. Let us know if you try this one!
wooden gift boxes turned into shelves on wall
Regift it onto someone else
What’s a better way to repurpose your wooden box than to use it as a gift box for someone else! Pack up some gifts from FËRNN or craft your own items and send them on to your parents, your best friend or even your neighbor’s dog.
If you’ve done something wild with your FËRNN wooden keepsake gift box, share it on Instagram @fernngiftingco, tag us and use the hashtag #UpcycleWithFernn
Don’t forget to send this blog post to anyone you’ve gifted a beautiful gift box to!
wooden keepsake gift box with white ribbon

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