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Welcome to the brand new FËRNN Journal. I'm Chloë, founder and director of FËRNN. This journal will be a place where my team and I jot down our thoughts and ideas, create helpful guides for you and share conversations with the people behind the incredible businesses we work with to create our gift boxes. 
For the first Journal entry, I caught up with Jodie from Serien Creative, one of the first businesses FËRNN ever partnered with back when we launched . Jodie designs and makes the most gorgeous positive affirmation cards, some of which we have in our gift boxes. 
I found Serien Creative through their lovely Etsy store and was quickly drawn to the neutral palette, the incredible affirmations and the fact that she designs cards for both men and women. I knew her cards would be perfect fit for us and couldn't wait to get them in our gift boxes!
I truly hope you enjoy getting to know Jodie as much as I did.
Tell us a little bit about your business?
Serien Creative is all about positive affirmations! Particularly for women, mums, yourself, your best friend. Helping women and men through a tough time with a little positivity.

hypnobirthing cards dried flowers pregnancy mental health mindfulness self care bump mum to be neutral
What motivated you to start your business and become an entrepreneur?
After the traumatic birth of my son Harry, I was just finding my footing as a first time mum when my dad suddenly passed away. It was a very difficult time to process, I was in this newborn bliss and then suddenly grieving and organising a funeral... it was just a lot! During this time, somebody sent me a package and inside was a positive affirmation on a pin badge... "you've got this"....and I'd look at it daily. I started using positive affirmations to help get me through that time. Luckily, I'd spent a month before my due date on a hypnobirthing course, so I knew about how powerful positive affirmations can be. I started to realise I wanted to help mums, women and men through times of need and an idea was born!
What’s the first ever product you created? Do you still sell it now?
My first pack of affirmation cards were my 'support' pack, with the card "you've got this", of course. But my favourite cards, and the most popular, are the hypnobirthing ones.
hypnobirthing cards dried flowers pregnancy mental health mindfulness self care bump mum to be neutral
Where do you find inspiration for your products?
Homeware! It sounds strange, but when I create my cards I always have in mind how they'd look pinned on the wall, on the fridge, in a kitchen etc. I absolutely love home decor. My style and colour palettes are inspired from my own home. For the affirmations, I try to think of my own experiences and what I needed to hear.

What challenge did you specifically want to solve by starting your business?
Helping mums like myself. Motherhood is the most beautiful gift in the world but it's so difficult to make yourself a priority too. I wanted to create something that you could remind a friend or even remind yourself, that you're doing an amazing job.

What’s your most favourite aspect of running your own business?
Meeting small businesses run by women, it's my favourite part of it. Collaborating, hearing their stories, joining brands together. It's such an amazing community to be part of.
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On your day off, what can you be found doing?
Oh days off for me are a rare thing! I work part time Monday to Wednesday in my 'career' as a web and print designer for a high street fashion brand. 
I then dedicate the rest of the week for Harry! I try to always do something creative with him; baking, painting, play-doh...and evenings and weekends are for designing, cutting, packing and sending out card orders!
Very rarely I'll get a day off where I'm work, baby and business free.... and you'll find me in bed with a cup of tea watching Netflix!

Describe your perfect (non-lockdown) day?
There's too many things I want to do now! But my ideal kinda day would be to start out early, drive through coffee whilst on the way to a bootsale! Then into town to do some shopping! Lunch and a cocktail somewhere on the beach (I live in a seaside town) and then out for dinner and drinks in the eve with some girlfriends! A nap thrown in there somewhere in the afternoon too would be amazing...ha!

If you were a biscuit, what would you be and why?
This is hard! I'd have to say a hobnob! Not very glamorous! I'm a very soft person, I try to be kind and friendly at all times but I'm also a very strong person - I don't fall apart, ever! Even if dunked into tea...
What was your dream job when you were younger?
I always wanted to work in fashion since I was around 15, so I was lucky enough to have that as a goal when I went to university. I was never really taken seriously about it by tutors, but I was determined! I made sure I interned in all the magazines; Now, More, Heat, before I'd left uni and I bagged my first job before I'd graduated. I still work in fashion today.
If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
Coronavirus!!! I miss how simple life was!!

What are your visions for your business in the future?
Now I'm heading into nearly a year of Serien Creative, I can definitely see a clear path of where I'd like to take it, and that's all things pregnancy and stationery!

Where can our lovely customers buy more of your products?
All my cards are available from my Etsy store and I take all wholesale order enquiries on there, or over on my instagram @seriencreative
Thanks Jodie! I'd love to know what you thought of my latest journal entry in a comment below. If you're looking for more reading, take a look at the rest of our journal.
You can find the Hypnobirthing Affirmation Cards by Serien Creative in our Earth Mama Pregnancy + Postpartum Gift Box.

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